Map of the Lausanne District


Une carte du district de Lausanne - 8 KB
  1. Belmont-sur-Lausanne
  2. Cheseaux
  3. Crissier
  4. Epalinges
  5. Jouxtens
  6. Lausanne
  7. Le Mont-sur-Lausanne
  8. Paudex
  9. Prilly
  10. Pully
  11. Renens
  12. Romanel



The city of Lausanne (On the shore of Lake Geneva, in Switzerland) is juridically a district, divided in 12 communities ("communes"). The communities appear in the map above numbered from 1 to 12. As the city is almost continuously built across all the communities, these are more like neighbourhoods. However, due to the political situation, our statistical data take this artificial juridical boundaries as units for the census on which this paper is based.