Follow me on my trip in a Cessna 152 above the wonders of the American West.

The man at the airport stamped my log book with the flying bear logo of the "mile high"club.

Big Bear City and LA

A picture of my plane on the  final approach to Big Bear City Airport, with the two lakes in the background.
The airport at Big Bear City is situated between two lakes at an elevation of 6,748'

Having flown for a few hours at about 10'000', I didn't have to descend much to reach Big Bear. This beautiful resort is at about 7000', with the airport located between two lakes encircled by mountains.

The people at Big Bear City Airport were very helpful. They apologized for having to charge $3 overnight fees, and helped me find my way to a camping ground. When I asked a local pilot if he had change for a $100 bill, he replied : "Do you think my wife gives me that much...?".
Maybe she doesn't... but he explained to me the complexities of LA airspace and we devised a way of keeping clear of the controlled zone.

On leaving the airport, I received what must be the standard joke up there "And above all, beware of the Bear!".

The camping was cold and quite rough. I spent the evening preparing for the next day's flight by the light of my candle lantern, pondering the joke.

If you want more information on this beautiful resort, go to the excellent Big Bear City Website.

Los Angeles and the Ocean

I left early, and as I flew over the cliff, the ground fell away below me revealing the tentacles of LA sprawling in the morning haze from the hills to the sea. I flew at about 7,000' from one airport to the next (there are many, many airports in LA and they are excellent landmarks), avoiding any interaction with the ATC (Air Traffic Control - the control tower it you want) by staying out of controlled airspace. I've never actually been in LA, but having seen from above, it seems quite a frightening place.

Picture of a suburb under construction on a hill in  LA
Development in progress on a hill near LA

Typical LA overview, with gigantic warhouses, studios, factories or whatever surrounded by highways.
Factories and highways - that's LA

Picture of the Marina, a neighbourhood of small houses accessed by little waterways, and the strand and ocean on the right.
The Marina and the ocean

If you want more information on this incredible city, go to the excellent Big Bear Website.

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