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Finally I decided to add a short list of my favorite sites. I resisted this idea for a long time - why send people out - but now I think there's room for this here. If you liked the rest of this site, chances are that you like these as well.


Cigar Aficionado
The perfect magazine site,  full of resources and with a lot of content. The topic is cigar and premium alcohols (I neither smoke nor drink) but the site is really well worth a visit. Don't miss the wonderful Tom Selleck interview where he talks of his conservatism as he would about a VD.

Electric Library
This great site is based on a simple idea : every day thousands of articles are published in newspapers and magazines,  and their life is about 16 hours. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to search the full text of every edition of Times, the Economist, the Los Angeles Time, the Jerusalem Post, Times magazine and many others ? This is the service this site offers for less than 50$ a year.

Art Today
Another powerful commercial site based on a simple idea. Millions of drawings from old books, newspapers and advertisements are now copyright free, and would be very useful for people who must create new designs. This site offers you more than a million of copyright free clipart, fonts, graphics of all kind, already scanned and indexed with a description. Search for Vanderblit and you come up with a dozen of portrait from obscure nineteenth century books.

Fielding Travel
An incredible dead-tree American guide serie unknown in Europe maintains this excellent, well designed site. Very good background articles on dangerous countries, travel tips on such countries as Chechenya or Colombia.

MBA style magazine
A site originally  made to tell young MBAs how to dress for their job interviews, those pages will explain you all the ropes of dressing well for business, from choosing what to buy  to tying your  tie. Especially savoury are the remarks on the industry, where you learn the costs and regions of productions of belts, ties, shirts...

Abandoned Missile base
Visit an authentic cold war era missile underground lauch base. The people who made this site have been arrested for breaking in, but you can still see the pictures they took.


The internet is such a break trough for scattered people who share a strange, marginal attribute. After the lycra fetishists and the Sherlock Holmes aficionados, here's the best site for and about gap-toothed people.

Magnificent Peruvian site with all kind of informations about this country.

Slap a Spice Girl
Finally a good use of Java. Heads of the Spice girls sill pop out  of your browser  and you have to slap them as quickly as possible. Fun.  REMOVED

E&P Directory of online newspapers
The best list I know of newspapers and magazines with a website  from all over the world. 



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