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FAQs about learning languages on your own

5. Maintaining and practicing your language


Probably yes, if you have ever spoken it well. However, if you have not practiced your language for some time, you might need some catching up before you are fluent again. Reading is, reputedly, the most permanent skill. Anyway, it's a good idea to have a program that gets you practice your language regularly, like reading newspapers or cultivating friends from the target country.


There are many ways, depending on where you live, who you are and what part of the language you want to practice. Most people can get their hands on books or newspapers (see below), so this is where to begin. Then you can go to the movies, watch TV or listen to the radio to further practice passive skills. Finally, in many areas you will find people speaking your target language who organize in cultural groups etc... that you can contact to speak a little. Last but not least, you could also travel to the target country once in a while. 


On TV if you have a sufficient number of channels. Note that it is possible in most part of the world to get a satellite dish and then receive what you want (maybe not sanskrit). Radio is another option, far easier. First of all, you can listen to radios on the internet, but also in your car or with long waves receivers.


Reading books in foreign languages is smart and enjoyable. They are very easy to order from the internet. Try to get your hands on lists of foreign language bookshops when you travel to big cities, and buy books in advance. You may read them two years later, but you'll have stuff that interests you in your target language. Reading children book or simplified texts is no fun and should be done, if at all, only by beginners.


Very easy. First check with several newsagents in your city or the biggest close city. Be sure to visit several and to ask if "they have anything in russian" for example. The problem is not the newsagent itself but rather the distributor, who makes the choice. Then, when you have found one you like, you can get a subscription. Actually, most magazines will ship to your country if you don't mind the delay, so when you travel to your target country, buy many magazines to inspect them at home.

Also, many magazines and newspapers have websites where you can read some articles and even purchase the whole edition.





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