Carricatures about Bimetallism
and the Crime of 1873

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Content of this page (each picture is about 28 KB and 550 pixels wide)

A carricature showing a man and a woman in a upper class salon, with an older woman talking to men in the backgorund. Yours for 33 KB.

He : "That's Mrs. Grimshaw, who lectures on bimetallism.
I've heard her, how exasperatingly clever she seems to be !"

She : "Yes -- but how consolingly ugly !"

Nice cartoon showing Uncle Sam on his horse caught in the quicksand of Gold, against the mountain of silver. Yours for only 36.99 KB !

This cartoon comes from Coin's Financial School, one of the best known bimetallist pamphlet.

A crusading Bryan with a cross and a nail crown in his hand. This glorious cartoon can be yours if only you wait for its 28 KB to download.
A victorious Bryan after his Cross of Gold Speech.
Very nice and colorful picture, you can see it for only 30 K worth of waiting
Conservative carricature of Bryan on the cover of this excellent little magazine, made at the Museum of Financial History in New York.

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