The American Painter Nall

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Nall is a painter who lives in Vence, France. Born in 1948 in a patrician Alabama family, he began to draw and paint very early. His talent won over the strong conservative family tradition and he was soon able to escape banking and traveled the world to learn his arts. In Europe, he met Salvador Dali who encouraged him and followed him until his death. Nall studied in Paris, then moved to Nice and then to Vence, in the Cocoon, the former home of Jean Dubuffet, the great French painter. This is were Nall engraved the series of etchings you will find here. Etching, an extremely difficult technique which easily shows his great talent.

Now he works on his postmodern art more than ever, designing and building a huge museum on the grounds of his 9 acre estate in Vence, where 6 of the 10 buildings house writers, musicians and sculptors from all over the world. His latest works include a series of water colors that continue into mosaics and then into a "suced" frame..

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