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How John D. Rockfeller dominated the Oil Industry for 50 years



Content and documents

I  based this work mainly on Tardell's book and on Josephson's. I used others as a source of documents and figures. Clicking on the links below will take you to an online bookshop where you can buy the books if you wish.

Chernow, Ron, Titan, The Life of John D. Rockefeller Sr, Random House,  New YOrk : 1998  New

The best book in print about the man and its business, written by an outstanding business historian who also wrote about JP Morgan and the Warburgs. The only book you need for a term paper or to get an extensive understanding of the man.

Dalemont, Etienne, L'industrie du pétrole, PUF (QSJ?) : Paris, 1980

Très bon résumé (court évidemment) de l'aventure de la Standart Oil. Un des bons Que sais-je? à mon avis.

Folsom, Burton, The Myth of the Robber Barons, Young America's Foundation : Herndon, 1991

Right-wing think-tank, that would like us to see Rockfeller as a philanthrop driven by the desire to light poor people's houses with the cheapest oil possible

Hidy, Ralph & Muriel, Pioneering in Big Business 1882-1911, Business History Foundation: NY, 1955

An official history of the Standard, with a portrait galery of old directors. Of course very partial, but good source of documents and figures. 

Josephson, Matthew, The Robber Barons, Harcourt Brace : NY, 1934

A book written at a time when the Robber Barons were still remembered in a vivid fashion. Presentation of  John D. Rockfeller along with other that had nothing to desire from him.

Knowles, Ruth, The First Pictorial History of the American Oil and Gas Industry 1859-1983, Ohio UP : Athen, 1983

Interesting summary of the SOC operations and their importance in american economic history.

Lee, Jim, The Supreme Court decides to break up Standart Oil,

Article from an american industrial history encyclopedia summarizing the period


Tarbell, Ida, The History of the Standart Oil Company, Mc Millan : NY, 1904

The classic book against the SOC, one that led to the 1911 ruling. Partisan and dated, but very well documented, with many first hand testimonies from the Oil Regions, and well written.



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