Help me II
Pictures I'm looking for....
I'm looking for scanned pictures of the following people's face....
  • Balthazar Klossowski, also known as Balthus, a french painter
  • BEISHEIM Otto, a german retailing tycoon
  • BOTNAR Octav, a rumanian born, Britain enriched car importer
  • Brenninkmeijer family, owner of the C&A clothing retailer
  • CHAPLIN Géraldine an actress, daughter of Charlie Chaplin
  • Esterházy-Ottrubay Melinda a Austro Hungarian landowner
  • Fink, Baron August von, a great Bavarian investor who bought a castle in Switzerland (where?)
  • LATSIS John a real estate moghul
  • LEMOS Costas, a greek shipowner
  • LENGENFELD Charlotte, a writer's wife.
  • LIEBHERR Hans owner of the group of the same name
  • LIVANOS George a greek shipowner
  • MORAND Paul a french writer
  • NIARCHOS Stavros a greek shipowner
  • PALMER Robert a singer
  • RILKE, Rainer Maria, a writer
  • RONJAT Etienne, First doctor of his Majesty William III of England
  • SCRIMA Nicola, an italian industrialist
  • SIENKIEWICZ Henryk a polish litterature Nobel Prize
  • SULIMAN an Arabian franchising tycoon
  • WARREN Réginald, an english military man

(all have lived in Switzerland for some time)

If you have such a picture in your possession, it would help me greatly !

If you can help me, please Send me an email

Thank you !


Thank you for your help by advance !

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