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Things I'm looking for....

Dear visitor !

Francois, the author of this website, is looking for information that you might have. Please take 30 seconds to read the list below and send me an email if you can help me locate the resources I have been looking for in vain.

Thank you in advance !


I'm looking for ....
  • Pictures of some famous people who lived in Switzerland (click for list).
  • A statistic about the foreign language skills of people in several countries, for example 30% of the Germans speak two foreign languages, 15% speak 4, etc...
  • A list of false friends in spanish for speakers of italian or the reverse.
  • A way of buying videos of movies by Eloy de la Iglesia in spanish
  • Speeches and books by Stalin, in russian (no, I'm not a communist)


If you can help me, please contact me by email

Thank you !

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