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Welcome to F.X. Micheloud's Website

Click to see the article published in .NET about this site (318 KB) Article that was published in many US newspaper about my Rockefeller pages "maybe the slickest website on the internet"
New! FXcuisine.com, my new gastronomic blog.

I'm a Swiss entrepreneur who lives on lake Geneva. This site has not been designed to tell you about myself but rather about things that could interest  you and yet nowhere to be found on the internet.

There are more than 250 pages on this site, so there should be something for you too. Nowadays the most popular section is my Rockefeller and the Standard Oil pages (linked from every news site talking about antitrust affairs),  my Flying the Desert section as well as the still unfinished Learning Languages section, so that's where you might want to begin.

Some of the more specialised subsites which you can access from this page were designed for bottom up access, directly from the search engines. So please don't ask about the logical link between the topics discussed, it's only my personal history.

If you like kitsch, you should pay a visit to my Bizarre postcards gallery.

I welcome feedback, and if you are interested in discussing current political events, social and economic policies, entrepreneurship and talking about your country, I'm your man ! Contact me at Francois@micheloud.com

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