Follow me on my trip in a Cessna 152 across the wonders of the American West.

LEG 5/10
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San Francisco 
Sierra Nevada 
Mammoth Lake
Death Valley
Sky Ranch Estates
Boulder City
Las Vegas
Grand Canyon
Colorado River 
Mojave Desert
Big Bear City 
Los Angeles
Santa Catalina Island
Santa Ynez 
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From Temple Bar to Grand Canyon

An impressive picture of a deep gorge, from top to bottom. The best picture on this page.

Recent legislation has forbidden pilots from flying below the Canyon rim, because so many have killed inside the Canyon, trying to climb in the hot air and down drafts. The only airplanes allowed inside the Canyon are bush planes such as the Twin Otters, that are flown by professional pilots who have been specially trained. I strictly complied with the legislation, having heard so many horror stories both here and at home in the Alps.

It 's difficult to give you an idea of what the Canyon looks like. A labyrinth of deep gorges spread over a surface the size of Switzerland, colored in all the tones of the earth.
I wandered above the Canyon for an hour or so, constantly keeping a look-out for the heavy commercial traffic, then I headed for the Grand Canyon Airport, homing in on the VOR. The airport was nice; its constant traffic of bush planes gave it a busy city-like atmosphere.

A classic picture of the Grand Canyon, with its deep gorges and  flat plateau

Small picture of the river

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