Follow me on my trip in a Cessna 152
above the scenic wonders of the American West.

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Flying the Desert

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My scenic solo flight in a light airplane across the American West

In 1992, at age 19, I came from Switzerland to the USA for the first time. I rented a small plane, a Cessna 152, and flew it across California, Nevada and Arizona crossing deserts, mountains, lakes and finally the ocean. This was the most impressive trip I've ever made so I have devoted a 10-page website of commentary and graphics to it, so you can share my experiences. I have made every effort to make your visit to this website as interesting and user-friendly as possible, but some of the photographs may take time to download.

Please don't be disappointed by the first two pages. The best ones are at the end. Be sure to check Santa Catalina, SantaYnez and Sedona, because these legs of the trip produced the best pictures!

7 San Carlos Mariposa 1348 1517 1:29
8 Mariposa Mammoth Lake 0709 0813 1:04
8 Mammoth Lake Death Valley 0958 1142 1:44
8 Death Valley Sky Ranch 1422 1524 1:02
8 Sky Ranch Boulder City 1619 1659 0:40
8 Boulder City Temple Bar 1839 1914 0:35
9 Temple Bar Grand Canyon 0935 1129 1:54
9 Grand Canyon Flagstaff 1453 1546 0:53
10 Flagstaff Sedona 0753 0821 0:28
10 Sedona Avi Suquilla 0923 1055 1:34
10 Avi Suquilla Big Bear City 1301 1446 1:45
11 Big Bear City Santa Catalina 1015 1143 1:28
12 Santa Catalina Santa Ynez 0845 1021 1:36
12 Santa Ynez San Carlos 1102 1343 2:41

The flight log

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